WordPress Performance Optimisation

Improve your WordPress site’s performance and page loading speed

Performance Optimisation Plan

WordPress may slow due to hosting, themes, plugins, faulty installation, and many more.
We’ll increase WordPress speed with a core, theme, and plugin check, as well as load times and cache files for optimum performance.
A faster web site means a better visitor experience. A slow website will lead to poor user experience. Your bounce rate will grow. Page views will drop. Most important, you will lose money.
* Premium Plugins Included

$125/one-time payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up for the plan that makes the most sense for your website, you’ll receive a welcome email with details about how to securely send us your login credentials for both WP Admin and FTP. Once we have received this information, we’ll have your plan fully implemented in 24-48 hours. Fully-implemented means that one of our support engineers has logged into the site, connected it to our remote maintenance system, performed a manual test of the remote backup process, and manually perform any outstanding core/plugin updates. For Business Support plans, site speed enhancements can take up to a week. We take our time to properly optimize everything for your unique core files, theme, and plugins, making sure to not cause any downtime or potentially compromise your site.
If your WordPress website were to suddenly crash or if you had an emergency site issue, who would you call? With 50,000+ plugins in the WordPress eco-system and weekly software updates, having a seasoned technical team to protect, maintain, and support your site is key to your success.
Most projects take 7 business days to complete, but larger projects may take a week or more.
Help Desk Support tasks do not include installing brand new plugins, custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom theme code, graphic design, or building out a new landing page, new form, or new website.

For Example:
Included: You want us to replace an image with one that you provide.
Not included: You want us to create a new graphic to add to your website.

Included: You want us to add a new field to your contact form.
Not included: You want us to create a new form for job applicants.
We aim to have your site load under 2 seconds, but really it depends on how complex your site is.
Page loading speed optimisation work is included for Business Plan customers, we work to not only optimise your site for faster loading times, but continue to monitor and maintain the speed increase for the life of your plan.
General site level SEO optimisation is included for Business Plan customers (this does not include in-depth on or off page SEO work), we run an SEO audit on your site after sign up which scores your WordPress site, we then work on improving and fixing issues to give you a higher score making sure your site is in great overall SEO shape.
If you’re an existing plan customer, we will advise you if a plugin on your site is no longer supported or compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We will advise on a course of action to remedy this as depreciated plugins can be a major security risk.
For Pro and Business plan customers we offer unlimited emergency fixes for the life of your plan. Any fix to your current WordPress site is covered no matter how big or small. This excludes issues with any new development/functionality that has been added.
If you’re a Pro or Business plan customer, that’s simple we take care of the issue with high priority and remove any malware or malicious code to get your site back running as normal. We monitor all customer sites 24/7 and will alert you in the event an issue is detected.
For Pro and Business Plan customers we take daily offsite backups of your entire site and database our secure cloud server. We keep 7 days of backups so if in the extreme case we needed to restore your site from an earlier backup we can do that in no time at all.
Each plan covers a single website.
Yes, you can cancel the monthly maintenance plan at any time.
Yes, in the event we cannot optimize your site within 14 days we’ll issue you a refund.
Absolutely! We’re actually WooCommerce experts and have worked with hundreds of WooCommerce sites.
You will be billed upon signup via credit card. If subscribing to a monthly plan, it will renew automatically in monthly increments.
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