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Website security is business critical. We know you can’t afford any downtime from attacks and hacks that can impact WordPress websites. That’s why we’ve developed a premium quality support and maintenance service for all WordPress website owners. A WordPress support plan from WP Services delivers total peace of mind.
The consequences of a hacked website can be huge, with impacts on your reputation and finances. It’s estimated that the cost of security breaches can run to $300,000 for extreme breaches in small businesses. Not only that, but there is the time and resources required to rectify the problem.
And while we love WordPress, the number of Brute Force Attacks and Denial of Service Attacks continue to increase. Thankfully, taking a proactive approach to security and maintenance can put you ahead of more than 70% of WordPress websites on the web. Our holistic, preventative approach to protecting your WordPress website will ensure you’re ahead of the game at all times.

Focus on your business, we'll do what's needed

WordPress is a great choice if you’re thinking of starting a new business. However, like every system, WordPress also needs maintenance. Together with you, we set up and maintain your business.

Nobody likes websites that don't work properly

WordPress may slow and not work properly due to hosting, themes, plugins, faulty installation and many more. This can be a corporate web page or e-commerce site representing your company. We are here to help you.

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Choose the appropriate service package for your WordPress site and let's start working together. We are here to help you.
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